Our Privacy Policy

We are firm believers of maintaining the maximum privacy on the Internet, an attitude which is unfortunately not shared by the majority of websites.

Unlike the vast majority of commercial websites we do not use cookies. A cookie is a small program which, although it cannot usually identify individuals, can nevertheless provide the issuer with a great deal of information about the websites visited by those individuals as well as some information about their computers. We do not use cookies on this website and have no plans to do so.

From time to time visitors may contact us by email via our contact e-mail address. These e-mails are stored using standard security precautions. We do not use the information that is provided to us in these e-mails to send spam or other unrequested commercial e-mails, and we do not pass on any information to any other third party, although we would have no choice but to do so if we were instructed to do this by a properly constituted court of law.

Our site carries links to other websites which are owned by other people or companies and we cannot vouch for their privacy policies. We suggest that if you visit one of these websites you check with their privacy policy to ensure that it meets your requirements.

This privacy policy may change from time to time so we suggest that you check it on each occasion that you revisit our website. In the meanwhile, if you do not find it acceptable to you, or do not wish to be bound by its conditions, we request that you leave our website immediately.

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